Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Celebrating Changes

Since we have gotten back from Spain (one day I will actually recap that amazing trip) I have been focused when it comes to my workouts. I have been not only been working out at least 5x a week, I include one day of double workouts and have been working on strength training! As I’ve been cleaning up my eating significantly as well by cutting back on desserts, giving up diet soda and reducing snacking, my weight has only gone down by 6 lbs. That 6 lbs. came off in the first 3 weeks while I’ve stayed the same weight for quite some time now. In the past, I usually fall off the wagon and give up a few weeks into a new routine, especially when I was not seeing changes on the scale. This time around though I’ve noticed a huge difference in myself in how I’m viewing these changes.

Celebrating Changes Besides the Scale


Celebrating The Changes Besides The Scale

Working out and eating healthy is not just about the number on the scale. It is more about creating a lifestyle that is healthy, realistic and enjoyable. The scale is just one indicator of weight loss. The difference this time around for me is my mindset. The fact that while my weight isn’t dropping that doesn’t mean my body isn’t changing. I’ve started to celebrate other gains in my lifestyle change and it has made all the difference. Some of the changes I have seen beyond the scale:

1) Increased weight during strength training – This past week at Orangetheory, I used 30 lbs. dumbbells! When I started at Orangetheory I was doing 15 lbs. The increase in weight for that one workout alone should have resulted in celebration but it’s not the only gain I’ve seen. As a whole I was averaging 10-12 lbs. when I started Orangetheory but my average is 20-25 lbs. which shows just how strong my body is getting. It makes me excited to see what my body is capable of!

2) Better sleep – This one is huge for me. I have struggled with insomnia for a very long time. Over the past year I have celebrated any night I would get 5 hours of sleep. Since the New Year, I am averaging closer to 7 hours. Not only am I getting the quantity of hours, the quality of my sleep has improved significantly. I fall asleep faster, I stay asleep throughout the night and wake up much easier every morning. The feeling of taking a hot shower after an intense workout and hitting the sheets is the best!

3) Increased energy – Energy goes hand in hand with getting more sleep but also helps to continue productivity throughout the day. I am rarely hitting the afternoon slump and find myself more alert throughout the day. I have even added a double workout day on a regular basis because I have the energy to complete more intense workouts.

4) Increased happiness – Granted not every day is a perfect day but as a whole, I am much happier. I have said it before, I will say it again, Elle Woods had it right. Endorphins really do make you happy! Naturally throughout the day I find myself more patient and happier. Even if I am feeling stressed out, anxious or upset, I work my feelings out instead of resorting to unhealthy ways of coping (i.e. eating junk food). Remember you will never regret a workout.


Tell me: What changes besides pounds lost have you seen from working out? 

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Well it has been awhile since I have checked in. I was soaking up the Miami sun while laying on the beach, holding a baby alligator and eating my weight in delicious food. The break from life in general, was much needed and for the first time in a long time (possibly ever), I actually had very little of the post vacation blues. Our trip to Miami was an actual relaxing vacation. We have two days of adventure while the other two were spent relaxing. A good vacation should be about relaxing and rejuvenating, so I am glad we had exactly that. Now I just have to hope this vacation holds me off until our next one at the end of November. Since it’s been almost a week without my random thoughts, no better time than today for Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Running with Spoons. I will share my Miami recap in a few days after I get pictures uploaded and settled back into daily life.

  • My favorite fitness fashion trend right now? Detailed backs of tank tops! Like my Lululemon purchases last week, I cannot get enough. Especially since my back faces a mirror when teaching, I like sporting a pretty tank top for everyone to see.
  • I shared that I lost my Fitbit a few weeks ago. I narrowed down the time I lost my Fitbit to a 3 hour window. However, during the panic of searching for it, I discovered that wherever I lost the Fitbit, it was stolen. The device was taken off my account and registered with another one. I have been so bummed but lived without it. Then, on our drive back from Miami, our cousin gave me one for my birthday. I am so excited to have my Charge back!!


  • Can we just talk about how great it is when you read a good book that you do not want to put down? I received a few books for my birthday and started in on a new one a day before the trip. I read most of the flight there and was actually bummed when the plane landed. Luckily I am nearing the end of the book but I am so excited to start one of the many I have waiting for me.
  • My Starbucks (specifically my macchiato) addiction might be able to be cured. I realized I went the whole trip without a Starbucks drink. We even stopped into one in Miami and I did not get anything. That is a huge feat for me and is looking good for my wallet! Unfortunately the lack of Starbucks this weekend might have to do with the endless amounts of pina coladas and mai-tais I drank instead.
    FullSizeRender (1)
  • I need to get my workouts ramped back up. I took 5 days off of working out (I can feel the muscle turning to fat- jk) and my triathlon is a little over 2 weeks away. Time to run and swim as much as possible!!

Catch you  back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Tell me: Have you read any good books lately? Whats is your favorite fashion trend?

My Favorite Show of the Summer

I’ve mentioned before but my husband and I do not have cable. We use Apple TV to watch shows which is very limited. We tend to watch shows after they have aired which is perfect for binge watching TV series. We are doing just that right now so I had no problem relaxing and bingeing on a few episodes of my favorite summer TV show last night. I did not think I would be so happy to take a night off of the gym to watch a TV show abou hacking. So let’s get on with Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

  • Is anyone else watching Mr. Robot? When my best friends told me about the show I was hesitant about the plot line. However, we usually like to have one show to watch and were willing to try. I was hooked in the first episode. I like the first character and the story line is more unique than most shows I watch. We are five episodes in and loving it! The season finale is airing this week so I am glad we will be able to watch the whole season through!
  • The second my husband picked up my fallen phone from the concrete on Monday night, my stomach churned. 3 weeks. 3 measly weeks. That is how long I had the phone before I dropped it. This is the worst shatter I have seen. I am taking the phone in tomorrow to get the screen replaced. It is nearly impossible to type so talk to text has become one of my favorite features.

  • Although I LOVE summer, I am equally as excited for fall. Since we will be traveling to Miami in less than 2 weeks, we will finish the summer with a bang before the most delicious season start. PUMPKIN SEASON!!!! Are you ready for Pumpkin everything? I sure am!
  • There is never a weekend I am not excited for. This weekend will be another one for the books – celebrating my birthday, seeing my niece, nephew and sister for a family USC football game, the OC Street Fair and Labor Day! Counting the days until Friday..
  • Two of my students and I started this full body challenge. Finishing the month with 250 squats is the challenge I am most excited to try and accomplish. We shall see…

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Tell me: Have you dropped your phone before? What is your favorite show of the summer? 

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow, since Memorial Day, these past few weeks have been flying by. I guess that is the advantage to keeping busy during the week, it flies by! I had a scheduled post today but I also have a million random thoughts in my tiny brain so I felt it was only fitting to jump in on Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda (check out her blog for some amazing recipes).


1)  I am really excited about Sunday being the longest day of the year! I love when summer rolls around and it stays light until after 8pm. It makes me happy to get a huge portion of sunlight all day. Sunday is going to need to involve an outdoor workout and as much time outside as possible. Many times, I wish I could tell all the women on my weekend cycle classes to pull the bikes out to the grass so we could cycle outside! Until then, I will just keep dreaming about it.

2)  Moving sucks, plain and simple. Thank goodness, this weekend should be the last of my moving. I am also grateful that I know I will be in one place for awhile. Moving to my 5th place in 3 years has definitely made me despise moving. I hope in the next year and a half I will win the lotto so I can hire someone on the next round to pack and move everything for me.

3)  Speaking of moving, it has been way too long since I have been to my favorite store- IKEA! I love that place whether I have a room to decorate or not. I think making an IKEA trip is in the cards. At the very least for their delicious ice cream cones!!

4)  Lately, I have been really struggling with taking Emma out because our new place is on the 2nd floor (GREAT for the Fitbit steps, bad for a lazy dog who hates the rain and heat). Luckily, I stumbled across Fresh Patch which I saw on Shark Tank. I ordered my first one that I plan to put on the patio for Emma. It will be so great to open the door at 10pm on a rainy day instead of putting a coat on, coaxing Emma with treats to go out, where she gets muddy. This will be a life saver- just a brilliant idea!

Fresh Patch

5)  Speaking of Shark Tank, I love that show! Some of the ideas people think of are very creative. Other times I cringe as I watch people try and sell something to the Sharks that have no chance. I know they can’t all be winners but I feel so bad for those who get sent away.

6)  As I mentioned above, I think way too often about what I would do if I win the lotto.. yet rarely buy tickets. If I  win the lotto, there would be a million things I would buy but up on the top of my list: a standing desk (for my back), a new car (a 4 door is hard for moving large items), a 2 bedroom beach rental (because who doesn’t love the beach) and I would book a cruise to Jamaica (I mean c’mon… it’s Jamaica).

7)  Since the end of the year is going to packed with vacations, the summer will be very mellow for us with no trips until the end of August. However, I am so excited for the chance to take a mini vacation to see my sister & her family this weekend to Pismo Beach! I love the beach, I love Pismo and I love the summer. It will be great to have a day off work and enjoy the summer with some of my favorite people.


Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I am teaching a cycle class tonight followed by some of my own personal workout. Hopefully I can log some time on the elliptical followed by an ab workout. See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Tell me: Any random thoughts on this Thursday? Have you been to IKEA? How many times have you moved in your life?