Travel Thursday: The Freedom Trail

Boston was the last stop on our honeymoon trip. Our plan was to spend one full day walking the Freedom Trail from start to finish. Although it was pretty warm, we enjoyed walking the Freedom Trail and getting to see the city on foot. We were very fortunate to be in Boston during Memorial Day weekend which allowed us to get an extra special experience of American history. 

  • Boston Common (MUST SEE) – We spent a large amount of time in the Boston Common area enjoying the Boston Common Park! It was such a nice area to enjoy the weather and beautiful park grounds.

  • Massachusetts State House – I was most upset about the State House being closed but we will just have to go again to visit in Boston.
  • Park Street Church – The beautiful church was once the first landmark travelers saw when approaching Boston.
  • Granary Burying Ground – The burial grounds of Paul Reverse, John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Of all the burial grounds this was the best of them all. 

  • King’s Chapel (MUST SEE) – The King’s Chapel was one of my favorite stops in the entire trail. I loved the paper tour they offered and the gorgeous historic church still intact.

  • King’s Chapel Burying Ground – While I loved the history and the location was easy being next to the chapel, I think it was worth skipping.
  • Benjamin Franklin Statue – The statue was being renovated so we were unable to see it.
  • Old Corner Book Store – Not much more than a bookstore to buy books, I don’t think it was worth the stop. 
  • Old South Meeting House – Although the meeting house looks like a church, it was a meeting house for the Puritans to worship. A really great interactive tour was included in the cost.

  • Old State House / Site of Boston Massacre (MUST SEE) – The Old State House was my absolute favorite stop of the Freedom Trail. From the second you walk into the house, there were interactive games, information and displays that shared the history of Boston during the Boston Massacre which happened right outside the State House. Plus you got to be a character during the Boston Massacre while you were walking around which made the tour even better! 

  • Faneuil Hall – The Faneuil Hall was the spot of the first town’s meeting and has become a shopping center. A great learning stop for those with children. The hall also had some delicious food options and a large amount of shopping unique to the area and a great spot for souvenirs.

  • Paul Revere House – The Paul Revere House was very small but extremely interesting to see how homes used to be in the past. In each room there were detailed explainations of the typical home set ups during the times. (No pictures allowed)
  • Copp’s Hill Burying Ground – sadly, by the third one the burial grounds seemed to be less appealing than the first but interesting none the less. 
  • Bunker Hill Monument – the monument was close to the USS Constitution so it was worth walking to. Otherwise not much to see or  much being taught about Bunker Hill. 

  • USS Constitution (MUST SEE) – Our last stop was the USS Constitution which we were able to explore on the ship and under the deck. I love all things ship related so this was a highlight for me! 

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Friday Favorites #27: Delphi, Greece

Hello from a ferry somewhere in the middle of the ocean en route to Mykonos, Greece. I am dropping in for a Friday Favorites to share my definite favorite of the week – our day trip to Delphi, Greece. Delphi was our first stop in Greece and added to our itinerary as a utilization of an extra day in Athens that we added to our vacation package. Although our time in Athens was shorter than Mykonos or Santorini, the husband and I both wanted to visit Delphi for the view of the Sea of Crete we had seen in pictures.

After our arrival in Athens International airport, we got out of the plane and through customs very quickly before we picked up our rental car. We got on the road to Delphi in the late morning with approximately a 3 hour drive. The drive was beautiful from start to finish and thanks to GPS, fairly flawless. The first hour was from the city of Athens to the outskirts of the city but about an hour in, we started driving through the mountains. The views through the mountains made me want to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures but I resisted. Driving through the small city at the top of the hill on the side of Mount Parnassus was just the best part of my day.

After checking in to a quaint, family owned hotel, we went to explore the archeological ruins and museum. The museum was small and took about 20 minutes to walk through but the ruins took a couple hours due to the continuous uphill climb and picture taking (my calves were feeling the great workout they got the next day). The ruins consist of the temple of Apollo, his sanctuary, a theater and stadium. In addition to the historic enjoyment, the views over the mountainside and valleys were phenomenal. Pictures can’t accurately show the vivid details in the ruins or the beauty in the hills but they give a good picture. Better yet, you should go to Greece to see for yourself – promise it is so worth it!!


 After exploring for a few hours, we capped off our day with a glass of wine and gelato at a restaurant with one of the best views. Needless to say, overall this was my favorite of the week for good reason.  
Thank you to Katie & Heather for the Friday Favorite link up!!

Tell me: What was your favorite part of the week? Any plans for the weekend?


Honeymoon Itinerary – Greece

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our weekend was eventful kicking off with 2 nights in Brooklyn, New York before heading to Greece. We are three days into our honeymoon and so far we have only been utilizing layovers to get to Greece. Our actual ‘honeymoon’ to Santorini, Athens and Mykonos starts in a few hours as we are currently at the airport to fly to Santorini for 3 days. Although posting will be much lighter over the next weeks, I will definitely be back this week to share our trip to Delphi which was just perfection from start to finish. But I did want to stop to share some of the amazing places we will be visiting. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for pictures throughout the trip!


Delphi Archaeological Ruins – We took a day trip from Athens to Delphi for our first day in Greece. Our hotel overlooked the beautiful mountains. It included a small town feel with historic spots to explore.


Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Santos Winery

Red Beach

Kamari Beach

Hike from Fira to Oia

Volcano & Hot Springs



Paradise Beach

Little Venice

The Windmills




Acropolis Museum


Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Zeus

Roman Agora


Tell me: Do you try to make a trip of layover stops?

What day is it?!

To be honest my days are completely mixed up right now I think today’s post will be posting on Monday. Plus with the Thankgiving holiday, the fact that we are witnessing 90-100 degree weather and drinking from a coconut everyday, it feels like a summer weekend. But hey isn’t vacation supposed to be about getting lost in the place you’re visiting. It has been incredibly nice to only use my phone for picture taking. I didn’t get an international plan for our Thailand travels because I didn’t feel it was worth it. My new job doesn’t require me to be checking in via email on a regular basis. Therefore, I haven’t checked email in 3 days. I figure I can get to it when I get back (I wish I  could tell my very high strung self that 2 years ago). Sometimes if I can get wifi I’ll send a pic or txt but it’s not reliable and requires us to be at the hotel which we have not been doing much of. I am happy to have a chance to disconnect and really be in every moment of this trip. I have talked to people from around the US who are on our tour and travel seekers like us. We have met some intriguing people that have made this trip even more memorable. Let’s be honest, for the next month I’m going to be a walking promoter of traveling on tours! 


I had a scheduled post for Friday Favorites but by the time I checked it was already Saturday. Oh well, that’s what you call vacation mode. Not caring. And I haven’t cared about much besides experiencing  amazing moments with my husband. I cannot believe it’s only halfway through our trip and we have unforgettable memories just piling up. It’s our last night in Bangkok but we have already taken a ride on a speed boat, a bamboo raft, a river canal boat and an elephant. Add in the fact that we have visited amazing spots, had fish eat the dead skin off our feet, have had 2 massages and held a lemur. I am sure that’s what you call a life experience. We head out tomorrow to Phuket for 5 days. Bring on the beautiful beaches and massages! 

Don’t get me wrong, travel isn’t always perfection. I’ve had a rough time with the time change and have been breaking out in hives because Thai food has something I am definitely allergic to (first food allergy I’ve ever had) BUT that’s part of the experience of traveling. Small travel issues seem so trivial when you’re watching the sunset over the high rise buildings at a rooftop bar in Bangkok or riding a raft down a river. 

I’ve had a much easier time posting on Instagram using wifi so make sure you follow the rest of my travels on Instagram. 

Have a great Monday! 

Tell me: I am very interested to know, do you get an international phone plan when traveling? Or do you enjoy the chance to disconnect? 

Friday Favorites #20

It seems it was another week where things just didn’t go as planned. Although the blog posts I hoped would get posted didn’t, I worked out 4x in a row and I got to still sleep by my bedtime so it wasn’t a total loss. I have been so excited for this weekend because we are going wine tasting with friends! As a huge lover of white wine / wannabe red wine lover, I have been dying to go wine tasting. The weather will be beautiful and a perfect day following a rough 2 weeks. Let’s get down to it with some of my favorites from the week. Linking up with the wonderful hosts of Friday Favorites- Heather & Katie.

Friday Favorites

  •  Posted this on Instagram because it couldn’t be better.
  • Need I say more?

  • Spotify has been getting me through work, classes and workouts. I have listened to playlists ranging from Disney to Acoustic Covers to Wedding music during the work week. The pre-made workout playlists have been perfect for my own personal workouts this week.
  • Running Mistakes I’ve Made (so you dont have to) – Running in a Skirt
  • California FINALLY getting a bit of a cool down. We were in the high 90’s for weeks. Seeing 80’s and even 70’s is perfection! It has even been cool enough at night for a light jacket and night running! Capture
  • Speaking of night running, the husband and I went on a 5K run late at night and the weather was just pure perfection. All I needed was shorts, tshirt and good company. I love running and am excited to be getting back into it as we get into fall. Plus I have high hopes to enjoy a nice beach run in Thailand if time permits.

Tell me: What are your favorites from this week? How do you usually listen to music for your workouts?

Making & Keeping Traditions

Happy Hump Day! I definitely did not plan to take a few days off from blogging but life just happens. I felt like I was coming down with a cold over the weekend which resulted in 7 hours of sleep on Saturday followed by almost 5 (yes , 5) hours of napping! On Monday I still was exhausted and slept for 2 hours after work before sleeping at 9pm. Let’s just say my new goals of setting a bedtime are ahead of the game.

Rewinding to the weekend, my weekend started wonderfully with some wine, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating!! I rarely watch my Thursday shows on Thursday so Friday was filled with catching up on my ABC shows with friends, pizza and of course wine. I cannot get over how great these shows are. They continue to keep me guessing each week as they answer questions which usually lead to more questions being asked. After class on Saturday morning, my mom, sisters and I headed up to Oak Glen, CA to Riley’s Farm. We had a blast, even in the blazing 90 degrees we had in Cali. Seriously though this state needs to get with the season already. I love the summer but we have had almost 6 months of 90+ degree weather.


My Saturday night was spent catching up on TV shows and of course sleeping. Sunday morning started with cycle class and Starbucks. I was able to catch up on a stack of magazines by the pool since we are having this continued summer weather. I felt like it was a July day with the extremely hot air and packed pool day. The day finished off with more TV watching (finally The Leftovers is back!) and plenty of naps.


Making and Keeping Traditions 

The highlight of my weekend was apple picking because it is a long standing family tradition. For the last (at least) 14 years, we have visited the same apple farm, taken some of the same pictures and buy the same cider. Although there may have been a year or two where one person misses our trip, as a whole we have been very consistent. I appreciate having yearly traditions with each passing year. In typical teenage fashion, I felt like I was being dragged along but in my late (let’s just start omitting the late) 20’s I really appreciate the traditions my mom has started from our childhood. Our family traditions include the pumpkin patch, gingerbread house decorating, Easter egg coloring and more. As I grow up, I plan to carry on these traditions one day when I have children. I love getting to look back year on year and have pictures of my sisters and I growing up together.


Tell me: Do you have any traditions you have created for your family? Are there any passed down from generations?

Taking Time To Unwind

If you were to ask my husband how long my showers are, he would say 15-20 mins. However, my actual shower is less than 5 mins. The reason? Over the past few weeks before I take a shower, I fill up the bath tub, catch up on blog posts and relax. Usually, my relaxing time is 5-10 mins. My bath has become time I look forward to each day to unwind from work and teaching.

Taking Time To Unwind

Taking Time To Unwind

Unfortunately, we have become a society that is constantly on the go. I myself am guilty of packing as much as I can into every day. I have been trying to take more time for myself on a regular basis. A typical day starts bright and early at work which ends by driving to the gym to teach a class or two before heading home. After dinner and a shower, I will write a blog post before getting in bed. Too many of these types of days can lead to feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. This is way it is extremely important that we take time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate from our day to day routine.

Some of my favorite ways to unwind:

  • Swimming – It’s therapeutic and a great cardio workout
  • Reading – There is nothing like an exciting book to help you relax and calm down
  • Napping – I mean who doesn’t love to take a nap
  • Scrapbooking – I love reminiscing on my trips and giving myself time to be creative
  • Baking – Plus you get delicious results after you are done baking

Everyone’s way to unwind is different. You might only need 5 mins or an hour. Maybe your unwind time includes watching your favorite comedy show or working out. Whatever it may be, I think we owe it to ourselves, our friends and family to value our time. So the next time you have a rough day or just need a few minutes, pick your favorite way to unwind and get ready to relax.

Tell me: How do you like to unwind? 


Fall into new habits for October

Most believe think that New Year’s is the time to create new habits and make changes in their life. As we all know, most New Year resolutions are not followed past the first month let alone into the second half of the year as fall begins. However, after reading Gina’s post about turning a new leaf, I started to question why can’t we make resolutions throughout the year.  Why is January seen as the time we make changes in our life but the rest of the year let them fall off our radar. I think fall is a great time to consider what we want in our lives and how to get there? Maybe it is something as simple as trying to drink more water or a little bit bigger like training for a marathon. Whatever it is, why not start that change today?

Fall into new habits

“Fall”ing into new habits 

I myself have a few habits I would like to fall into this season. Each month I make goals to keep myself in check with things I want to change, add or accomplish. This month was a great month for me as I accomplished my September goals. For October, rather than setting goals, I want to work on forming some new long term habits.

  1. Setting a bed time – Let me tell you, I wish I did not give my parents such a hard time growing up about going to bed at the same time everyday. My bed time ranges from 10pm to almost midnight. I am always tired and struggle to get up in the morning.
  2. Reading before bed – This goes with #1 because instead of mindless Instagram scrolling or msn reads, I could be winding down making going to bed at a set time easier.
  3. Drinking water – By drinking water, I really mean I want to drink only water. This means I need to cut my diet coke habit. It does nothing for me and adds no value to my body.
  4. Create a travel savings fund– Right now our trips are paid for by saving money leading up to a trip or paid on a credit card to be paid off. However, I want to start setting aside money into a savings account that can be used for trips as they are booked.

All four of these are long term habits that I want to continue long term, not just set as a month goal. Often I accomplish a monhtly goal and leave it at that. As the new season begins, I want to start a new season for myself where these become second nature to me.

Tell me: Do you have any new habits you want to add or change for the balance of the year?

Workout Wednesday Playlist 

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a new playlist despite creating spin playlists at least 3x a week. I rarely use an old playlist in classes since most of my cycle students only go to cycle. I couldn’t get away with using the same playlists for more than a couple of weeks. Plus keeping it fresh helps me to push harder as well which in turn pushes my students.

Favorite Songs of the Month

You can always tell my favorite song of the week because it makes it onto every playlist for a few weeks. I feel bad for any of students how hate the song I am obsessed with at the time. This past month I’ve had a few songs I’m obsessed with that keep popping up on my Spotify list and workout playlists:

Cheyenne” by Jason Derulo (I love pretty much anything he does)

What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber (Don’t hate.. I am a Bieliber and think his latest songs have been great!)

Girls Chase Boys” by Ingrid Michaelson (it’s just so catchy)

Wind It Up” by Gwen Stefan (a definite throwback but it’s perfect for spin-  climbing and jumps)



Running Playlist

Last night I had a brick workout : run and swim on the training plan. As I warmed up on the elliptical I threw together a playlist with some of my high bass, fast pace songs for a 5K run. It was a great mix and helped me to push hard through my run.

Running Playlist

I really love Spotify for both personal workout playlists and class playlists because their playlists are great for stumbling across songs I have forgotten about. I compile 95% of my playlists on the app and create my own before working out. In addition, I have found the playlists they have for workouts to be pretty diverse. I have also used their running app which picks up your running pace and creates a playlist with BPM’s to match your step.

Have a wonderful workout Wednesday, catch you tomorrow for Travel Thursday.

Tell me: what is your favorite song to work out to right now? 

Stitch Fix #5 Review

Oh my amazing stylist Meg is back at it again! I had a feeling the second I opened the box I would be keeping a majority of the box. This was my first time I kept the whole box and took the 25% discount. I LOVED 3 out of 5 items but really liked 2 items. The money made it worth it to keep the whole box. Seriously, my last few fixes have been great and I owe it all to my amazing stylist, being specific via Pinterest and requests as well as updating my sizing constantly.

and style

PIXLEY    Florence Colorblocked Dress    $68.00

This dress is just perfection and further confirms that 1) Pixley might just be my new favorite brand and 2) Meg is just the best. She continues to pick pieces that are just totally me. This dress was worn first thing yesterday morning to work of course.

Pixley Florence Colorblocked Dress Stitch Fix #5

BAY TO BAUBLES    Fulton Pave Circle Chandelier Earrings    $28.00

I was hesitant at first because I have a request for no accessories or jewelry in my boxes. These earrings though were a welcome surprise. They are very versatile and easy to add to outfits.

Bay to Baubles Fulton Pave Chandelier Earrings Stitch Fix #5

41HAWTHORN    Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater    $58.00

The sweater looked big when I took it out of the box but fit very snug when I tried it on. Fitted but loose enough to feel comfortable. I usually like most of 41Hawthorn’s items. I was happy with this sweater because although it is hard to think about it now, it will be cooling off eventually. This sweater will be the perfect fall and winter addition.

41Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater Stitch Fix #5

JUST BLACK    Lauri Distressed Boyfriend Jean    $78.00

These jeans are stretchier than I am used to but I really loved the distressed look of the jeans and the softness of the denim. I wore these this weekend and was very comfortable in them. The only downside is that I could probably have used a size smaller but with the 25% box discount, it was worth it to keep them.

Just Black Lauri Distressed Boyfriend Jean Stitch Fix #5

PIXLEY    Linden Sheer Detail Sleeveless Top     $54.00

Again, what can I say about Pixley.. this was my favorite top in the box. This was one I pinned without knowing it was the brand I love and I am glad Meg picked it. It is one of those versatile tops. I could easily wear it work with wedges or out on the weekends with capris and sandals.

Pixley Linden Sheer Detail Sleeveless Top Stitch Fix #5

Once again, Meg just killed it. I am excited to add these new pieces into my wardrobe. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be specific with sizing, colors and style with your fix. It will help you to get more items that you can add to your wardrobe and help to break you out of your comfort zone.

Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day! 


What it Stitch Fix? It is a service that is tailored to your style & clothing preference. After you sign up you fill out a style profile with sizing and preferences of style, color and price. You pay $20 for a styling fee which includes a delivered box with 5 hand-picked items for you. However, if you keep at least one of the items in the box, the fee will be applied to the item. If you keep nothing you lose the $20 styling fee (I have received 14 boxes and have only once lost my $20 fee). Once you have tried everything on, you send back what you do not want in their prepaid envelope within 3 days.

Note: I have no affiliation with the company listed above nor was reimbursed or compensated for my opinions. The service is simply one that I like and want to share my experience with. However, if you are interested in trying their service, they do offer a referral program which rewards a $25 credit for any referrals received. Click here to sign up with Stitch Fix today! Thank you in advance.