Cycle Workout & Playlist

Although it seems my life has been all Orangetheory lately, I have actually still been teaching cycle twice a week. Cycle was my first love and will always be one of my favorite group exercise formats to teach. After teaching for over 3 years, sometimes it seems like I have heard some of the same “workout” songs a million times (I am talking to you Sandstorm). The other day I made a point of picking artists that have a song I normally use in playlists. This time I looked for songs that aren’t as common or overplayed. I ended up not only finding new songs that have high energy and a strong beat but being reminded of songs that I had not heard in a while. Today I am sharing my latest cycle workout and playlist.

Cycle Workout & Playlist
Cycle Workout & Playlist

Warm- up / Hey Brother – Avicii 
Standing Climb / Hair – Little Mix
Jumps (up/down) / Heart Attack – Demi Lovato
Seated Climb / Kids – One Republic
Standing Sprints on the Chorus / I Cry – Flo Rida
Jumps (up/across the saddle) / A-YO – Lady Gaga
Across the Saddle Climb / Into You – Ariana Grande
Jumps (up/across the saddle/ down) / Bring It Back – Shy Carter
Seated Climb / Tightrope – Walk The Moon
Seated Sprints on the Chorus / Find You – Zedd
Jumps (up/down) – HandClap – Fitz and the Tantrums
Standing Sprints on the Chorus / Applause – Lady Gaga
Seated Climb –> Standing Climb / In My Head – Jason Derulo
Jumps (20 secs up/ 20 secs down) / Somebody Loves You – Betty Who
Cooldown on the Bike / Try Me – Jennifer Lopez & Jason Derulo
Cooldown off the Bike/ I Love You Always Forever – Betty Who

Tell me: What was your first love when you started working out? 

Workout Wednesday: 12 Days of Christmas

Happy Workout Wednesday! I can’t believe we only have 4 days until Christmas. Luckily, I am pretty much done with shopping and starting Friday I get to enjoy some time with family. One of the hardest things during the holidays is to continue eating healthy and getting workouts in. During the holidays, however is the time you should be working out to control your stress level. Today, for Workout Wednesday, I am sharing a workout that you can do in your home in between wrapping those presents and prepping for the season. You do not need anything more than a set of dumbbells to complete this holiday themed workout.

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells
Directions: Complete 2-3 rounds of the exercises, top to bottom

12 Days of Christmas

12 bicep curls
11 shoulder presses
10 tricep dips
9 dumbbell lunges
8 dumbbell squats
7 bent rows
6 reverse crunches
5 side dips (each side)
4 straight leg crunches
3 pushups
2 mountain climbers
1 burpee

Added challenge: Complete this challenge as a add-on workout. Starting at 1 burpee, complete 1 burpee. Then complete 1 burpee + 2 mountain climbers. Move on to 1 burpee + 2 mountain climbers + 3 pushups until you have worked through the workout. 

Tell me: Have you completed all your Christmas shopping?

“Quickie” HIIT Workout

My weekend was extremely relaxing, productive and active. Unfortunately, the husband and I had to be “adults” by doing our taxes seeing as the deadline was approaching. Now if only we could claim Emma as a dependant, we would be in a much better spot. Anyways, the rest of the weekend was filled with lots of studying, cycling and movie watching. We were in much need of a low-key weekend as we have commitments for pretty much every weekend from now until Greece.

Quickie HIIT Workout

Sometimes it is hard to get my workout clothes on, let alone get to the gym. I used to think a workout only counted if it was an hour long session. However, I have learned that HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions don’t require an hour at the gym. A 30(ish) minute quickie workout filled with an all over body workout is just the ticket. I completed this workout at the gym last week and was left sore for a couple of days. Enjoy!

bonnie & Carole-2

Wondering how to do these exercises? Here are the exercises in the workout with links:

Round 1: Bent Rows, Squats, Shoulder Press, Hip Dips
Round 2 & 4: Mountain Climbers, Football Shuffle, High Knees, Jumping Jacks
Round 3: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Standing Crunch, Chest Fly



You Ate It, Negate It – Easter Candy

I’ll be back later today to share the recap of my weekend, including a day at the LA Arboretum but first one of the highlights of my weekend – Easter candy! I LOVE Easter candy more than any other holiday. Give me some Peeps or Reese’s Pieces Eggs and I’m a happy girl. However, a few Reese’s Pieces Eggs can easily become 20 in a matter of minutes. When I look at the calorie count of candy, it is surprising how much a small piece of candy can be. It definitely makes me try to limit how much I am eating or follow my candy consumption with a workout. Today I have a “You Ate It, Negate It” workout for some of the popular Easter candy that was probably consumed this weekend.

Easter Candy Workout

5 JELLY BEANS- 30 calories
10 JELLY BEANS- 60 calories
5 JELLY BEANS- 15 pushups
10 JELLY BEANS- 6 running laps

1 PEEP- 28 calories
3 PEEPS- 98 calories
1 PEEP-  20 Bicep Curls
3 PEEPS- 20 Squats, 20 Burpees and 25 Straight Leg Crunches

½ CADBURY EGG- 75 calories
1 CADBURY EGG- 150 calories
½ CADBURY EGG- 3 Running Laps, 25 V-Ups
1 CADBURY EGG- 25 Jump Squats, 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Jumping Jacks, 25 Burpees, 25 Crunches, 25 Tricep Dips and 25 Reverse Crunches

1 ROBIN EGG- 28 calories
4 ROBIN EGGS – 105 calories
1 ROBIN EGG – 12 Bent Rows and 12 Iron Crosses
4 ROBIN EGGS – 20 Bicep Curls, 20 Hammer Curls and 20 Windshield Wipers

½ REESES PEANUT BUTTER EGG – 3 Running Laps, 15 Shoulder Presses and 15 Chest Flys
1 REESES PEANUT BUTTER EGG – 25 Jump Ropes, 25 Ice Skaters, 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Jumping Jacks, 25 Lunges, 25 Sumo Squats, 25 Diamond Pushups,  25 Bicycle Crunches and 1 Running Lap

Tell me: What holiday has your favorite candy? What is your favorite Easter candy?

Disclaimer: Although I am a fitness professional, I am not necessarily your personal trainer or instructor. The workouts and calorie burns are not only estimates but they might not be the right type of exercises for you. Please be sure to consult a doctor or health professional before making changes to your diet and/or fitness routine.

Workout Wednesday: Booty Bootcamp

Stopping in a little late on Wednesday but still Wednesday nonetheless. Last night after cycle class, I still wanted to burn a few more calories. I forced my two cousins to stay after and let me run a mini bootcamp session for them (my poor family who gets forced into these things). This workout was just how I like ’em: short and sweaty. All you need is an open space to run and if you have it, a device to track your sprints. If not, a 100 meter dash can be narrowed down to a 20 sec sprint.

Bootcamp Workout

Each 100 meter sprint is followed by a leg workout. Run this sequence 6x and you have a 30 minute, heart pumping workout done. I love these type of workouts because they focus on intervals and getting your heart rate up. The three workouts in-between the sprints are lunges, squats and burpees. I woke up this morning feeling sore in my hamstrings from the squats!

Enjoy your workout! Catch you back tomorrow for Travel Thursday!

Half Marathon Training Plans

Here we are inching closer to February which means we will be exactly 3 months from the OC Half & Full Marathon. I have fully committed to running the half marathon again this year. Every race I run is started with personal goals I try to achieve. I have adopted the ABC goals from Prairie Princess Runners.  Before a race you set an “A” goal (an achievable goal), a “B” goal (more of a stretch) and a “C” goal (which is pushing yourself and basically killing to get there). My “A” goal is always just to finish the race. My “B” and “C” goal usually have to do with a specific time I am trying to achieve.

My ABC Goals and Training Plan for the OC Half

My ABC Goals for the OC Half Marathon are simple and also dictate how my training plan is set up:

“A” Goal: To finish the race whether walking, crawling or running 

“B” Goal: To beat my PR on the half marathon  

“C” Goal: To run a sub 2:00 half marathon

I am most excited about the OC Half Marathon because it has been a while since I raced. Last year I really pushed my body hard. 4 half marathons and a Ragnar race in less than 8 months resulted in aggravating my back problems to their breaking point. Most of my races were completing my “A” goal of finishing which I always accomplished. I am so happy because my back while not completely healed is significantly better and ready to handle race season. The husband and I have been enjoying naked evening runs. Before your mind goes a place it shouldn’t this early in the morning, naked = running without any timer or watch. We simply just ran and it was refreshing. I wanted to get a few open runs under my belt before committing to my training plan. I firmly believe that you should pick a training plan that works for you and your schedule. Don’t set yourself up for failure by creating something you cannot follow. I usually take a half marathon training plan before adding my own schedule of work and teaching to accommodate my running. I am using the SELF 12-Week Half Marathon Training Plan with the days switched to match my teaching schedule. If you are looking for a half marathon training plan, check out the links below for runners of all levels.

Half Marathon Training Plans

Half Marathon Training Plans For All Runners

12-Week Half Marathon Training Program

10-Week First Timer’s Half Marathon Training Plan

14-Week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

14-Week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

Hal-Higdon Training Plans

12-Week Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Plan

12 Week Cross Training Half Marathon Training Plan

20-Week Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan

14-Week Nike Half Marathon Training Plan

16-Week Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan

Tell me: Do you set goals before a race? 

How to.. Wall Squat

Since I am not currently teaching a bootcamp class, I miss some of the exercises I would regularly do with my class. The other day I thought why can’t I throw them into cycle classes? My Tuesday night class is a Pedal Pump format where we cycle for 3 songs, hop off the bike to strength train for one song. We repeat this format for 3 rounds. For the new year I decided to add one new exercise every month that my students can practice each week. By the end of the year, they will have 12 new exercises added to their regime and have improved their ability with each one. This month (yes, we started Jan 2 weeks early) we are working on wall squats!

Wall Squats (also known as wall sits) are one of my favorite workouts. They were commonly added to my bootcamp routine and an exercise I regularly do on my own. Wall squats are all about having proper form before building your time up. I am starting the class at 30 seconds and hoping to build to over a minute by the first of February. Wondering what a wall squat is? Pretty much what the name says, your squat is being held against a wall forming a 90 degree angle on your knees. The exercise strengthens the quadricep muscles (thigh muscles baby) which of course is needed in almost every workout. I have had many students ask what is the proper form so they can practice at home. So here is how to do a proper wall squat/sit:

How to do a proper wall squat / wall sit

First, using a wall as your guide, drop in a squat position with your back against the wall, feet on the ground. Hold your squat as long as you can (trust me, those quads start burning) focusing on keeping your proper form the entire time. There are three mental notes to remember to help perfect your form:

  1. 90 Degree Angles– Your knees and hips should form 90 degree angles against the wall. Therefore, you should have a flat back against the wall and 90 degrees in your
  2. Shoulder Width Apart Feet– Your feet should be shoulder width apart and the distant from the wall will be dictated by how you can achieve 90 degrees on your legs.
  3. Flat Feet– Speaking of feet, from toes to heels, yours should remain flat on the floor, with your focus in your heels. I often see students lifting up on their toes to help distribute weight. Don’t do it! It is way too much pressure on your toes – No ballerinas here!

If you’re a visual learner or have never seen a wall squat before, check this video out on how you should look visually.

Tell me: Do you have a favorite exercise you always add to your workouts?

Workout Wednesday: Up & Down Leg Workout

Halfway through the week is always when the excitement at work slowly starts coming back. You  start to see the weekend on the horizon. This weekend is even better than most since we have a long weekend to look forward to with Labor Day. This week has been filled with some great personal workouts as my class load is lighter due to my work hours. It has been awhile since i did a “Workout Wednesday” and since my legs are getting to the point where sitting down is starting to hurt, I thought I’d share my leg workout from Monday night. This one is quick but effective. You just need an open space and possibly one set of weights.

I only used weights for this workout when doing the donkey kicks (held behind my knee as I kicked up) and sumo squats (holding in front of me as I lowered to the floor). You can increase the intensity by adding a bar behind your neck or weights at your side for squats or lunges as well as for sumo squats and calf raises.  Here are the exercises with links:

Sumo Squats


Donkey Kicks


Wall Sit 

Calf Raises



Make sure to stretch after the workout to prevent soreness the next day. Enjoy the workout and your Wednesday!

Running and I Got Back Together..

The weekend seriously snuck up on me. Last week was busy with the new job but this weekend I was able to catch up on lots of errands as well as prepare for our trip this weekend. This weekend consisted of the usual-  lots of food, a movie (do not be disturbed unless you want to be disturbed) and cycling. It is less than a week until my 27th birthday and Portland, Oregon. This week will be the usual cycle classes as well as making sure that I have all ends tied up before we fly out on Friday!


Running and I Got Back Together…

Actually, it is more like jogging and I got back together but it is a step in the right direction for our relationship. As I mentioned last week, when trying Orangetheory, I ran on the treadmill for the first time since my last half marathon. It has been 3 months since I took a break and I definitely missed running. With all of the steps I have taken for my back from physical therapy to acupuncture, my back has improved significantly. This past week alone I have been thinking about when is the right time to start thinking about my next race. Here’s to finally crossing off the marathon off my list!

Weekly Workout Recap 

My workouts this week just plain sucked. I am still struggling to get in a groove. However, I did a much better job limiting my rest days. Hopefully this week I can continue a routine of cardio and strength training. The weekend will be filled with many hikes so I plan to make sure I get enough days working out and resting.

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class and a one-hour Bootcamp class;

Wednesday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – 20 min elliptical workout and arm workout

Saturday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Sunday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class, 15 min arm workout

Tell me: What is the last movie you saw? Any good eats from this weekend?

Lots of Cycle and Food

I spent a much larger portion of my weekend on the bike than usual! Between my normal classes and a 4 hour certification, I am ready for my Bootcamp class on Tuesday where I get a break from cycle. Let’s back up a little though, starting with Friday. I came home to be told by the husband that Emma got into the trash and ate two halves of watermelon. A part of me was a proud mother that the love of watermelon runs deep. The other half knew I had to throw her in the tub and give her a bath. This pink face was after her dad has cleaned off her face.

Emma Weekend Recap


After her bath, we grabbed dinner and dessert before calling it a night in front of the TV and computer. Saturday morning started with class before I headed to my certification. I was most happy that the LA Fitness I would be taking the certification at would be next to a Whole Foods. I LOVE Whole Foods but am glad that I do not live near one as my grocery bill would easily be double what it is now. After 4 hours of being on the bike (thank goodness it was not longer as my butt was getting pretty sore), I was starving so I headed to Whole Foods. I picked up a make-your-own sandwich which is one of my favorites! I was a happy girl driving home which was needed since I sat in an hour and a half of traffic. Since the husband was gone for the night, I made the most of my time by reading, scrapbooking my New Orleans trip and doing some more behind the scenes website work.

Weekend Recap Friday night      Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Cycle certification      Weekend Recap Whole Foods

Sunday was a relaxing and easy day. After I knocked out my workout early in the morning, I did some errands before heading home. Cleaning, more computer work and scrapbooking happened before I met the husband and his friends for lunch at Slater’s 50/50. Although I do not eat red meat, I have been very impressed with this place the few times I have been. Seriously, the burgers are HUGE and delicious since you get to design (and name) your burger. I did a turkey burger with creamy pesto, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, fried mozzarella (to die for), avocado and baby greens. Fairly healthy until I added the cheese but I could not pass it up! After sleeping off the food coma, the evening was capped off by some time by the pool (as seen on Instagram) and in front of the TV.

Slaters 50 50

Let’s talk about the way I burn all the calories I eat.. weekly workout recap! This week definitely had it’s highs and lows. The best part of my workouts was that I started Triathlon training. The worst part, one too many rest days. The week was a typical week so my workouts got a bit messed up. This coming week the focus will be keeping it at two rest days and mixing up the workouts. My plan is to try and finally get to a pure barre class!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Started Triathlon training – 20 minute elliptical, 10 min cycle, ab workout & 20 min swimming

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Bootcamp class; REST

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – One-hour Cycle class

Friday – REST

Saturday – Three one-hour Cycle class

Sunday – One hour Cycle class, arm workout


I will be back tomorrow to share the cycle certification I finished yesterday comparing to the first one I completed to become an instructor.

Tell me: What would your perfect burger consist of?