2016: The Year of Growth

It only took a week into 2016 to recap. At the rate I have been going, I would call this a success. My “Year of Traveling in Love” led into a year that would be one of my own most challenging. 2016 was in short, a very trying year. I have learned a lot about myself and how much I can handle. I have also learned about what I want in life which inevitably lead to my dream job. My year of many struggles can easily be summed up into –  “The Year of Growth.” Despite some hardships, this year was also filled with many wonderful memories and exciting opportunities.


Highlights of 2016:

Landing my dream job
Becoming an Orangetheory Coach
Wine Tasting in Temecula
Two USC Games
My only brother got married
Purchasing our first home

Two races completed: OC Half and Run Revel


Two vacations taken: Our Honeymoon and Napa Valley

One country visited: Greece

Delos Greece

Three states visited: Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut

Brooklyn New York Botanical Gardens


Three types of group fitness taught: Cycle, Bootcamp and Orangetheory

The worst moment of 2016: Being stuck in a job where I was unhappy 

The best moment of 2016: Our travel themed wedding

Travel Themed Wedding

Here’s to hoping 2017 is another year filled with adventure, travel and growth!

2016 Goals

Yes, it took me a month to nail those 2016 Goals down! I think my life right now is thought in terms of B.W. and A.W. (Before Wedding and After Wedding). The wedding of course being only 20 days away has become the majority of what we are handling on a day to day basis. After the wedding, I will get to breathe a sigh of relief and be able to accomplish some of the things that have been tossed to the side lately. So in anticipation of A.W. here are my 2016 Goals for the year.

2016 Goals

Complete my Fitness Life List – Most of the stuff on the list are easy for me to do and/or are things I am already trying to accomplish. Therefore I am really aiming to get them all done this year. The only difference? I have committed to getting my group fitness certification rather than my personal training certification at the moment. I was hired as a sub at my dream club! However, getting my group fitness certification would be a better career move for me at this time.

*Do a marathon & duathlon: duathlon seems great, marathon although intimidating is something I need to stop saying I want to do and just sign up.

*Go surfing & parasailing: I could get this done easily during the summer.

*Try Crossfit, Pilates and Zumba: Zumba classes are multiple times a day at my gym so I have no excuse anymore.

*Get my group fitness certification: Already signed up and working on it!

*Run a sub 2:00 half marathon: starting week 3 of half marathon training and things are going great so far!

*Be able to do 5 pull-ups & a handstand: After training for a marathon, this is the most time demanding so better to start now!

*Complete my cycle re-certification: I have already completed some units toward my certification and plan to complete a course in April which will finish off the missing units!

Cycle Certification comparison

Travel (as much as possible) –  I know, I know most vague goal ever for me. However, I want to cross off some of the items on my Travel List this year. This year my plan is to visit Greece (May 2016), Boston (May 2016), Napa Valley & Grand Canyon.


Write More Evergreen Content – A few weeks ago I read information about Evergreen content on Peanut Butter Finger’s blog. First of all, if you have not checked out her page, take a few minutes (that I am sure will turn into a few hours) to check out her amazing blog with great workouts. Evergreen content is sustainable, long lasting content and what I want to fill my posts with instead of the so-called blog fluff. I even started writing a {currently} post when I decided to post this instead. I definitely enjoy writing the day to day blog posts but the evergreen content is the stuff here to stay.


Tell me: What are your goals for the new year? Any goals for the month?


A happy happy birthday to my very best friend in this whole world! A huge supporter, the other half of my inside jokes and the mom to my newest adorable nephew! Happy Birthday Jenna!!