Half Marathon Training Plans

Here we are inching closer to February which means we will be exactly 3 months from the OC Half & Full Marathon. I have fully committed to running the half marathon again this year. Every race I run is started with personal goals I try to achieve. I have adopted the ABC goals from Prairie Princess Runners.  Before a race you set an “A” goal (an achievable goal), a “B” goal (more of a stretch) and a “C” goal (which is pushing yourself and basically killing to get there). My “A” goal is always just to finish the race. My “B” and “C” goal usually have to do with a specific time I am trying to achieve.

My ABC Goals and Training Plan for the OC Half

My ABC Goals for the OC Half Marathon are simple and also dictate how my training plan is set up:

“A” Goal: To finish the race whether walking, crawling or running 

“B” Goal: To beat my PR on the half marathon  

“C” Goal: To run a sub 2:00 half marathon

I am most excited about the OC Half Marathon because it has been a while since I raced. Last year I really pushed my body hard. 4 half marathons and a Ragnar race in less than 8 months resulted in aggravating my back problems to their breaking point. Most of my races were completing my “A” goal of finishing which I always accomplished. I am so happy because my back while not completely healed is significantly better and ready to handle race season. The husband and I have been enjoying naked evening runs. Before your mind goes a place it shouldn’t this early in the morning, naked = running without any timer or watch. We simply just ran and it was refreshing. I wanted to get a few open runs under my belt before committing to my training plan. I firmly believe that you should pick a training plan that works for you and your schedule. Don’t set yourself up for failure by creating something you cannot follow. I usually take a half marathon training plan before adding my own schedule of work and teaching to accommodate my running. I am using the SELF 12-Week Half Marathon Training Plan with the days switched to match my teaching schedule. If you are looking for a half marathon training plan, check out the links below for runners of all levels.

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Tell me: Do you set goals before a race? 

Friday Favorites #14

This week was a mix of terribly slow and where did the time go? Coming back from a trip made Monday rough, however having an infection in my foot made Tuesday fly by. Wednesday was another very busy work day while today was just dragging. I am looking to an extremely low key weekend. My plan is to read, catch up on laundry and relax as much as possible. Of course the weekend will include the usual cycle classes as well. End of the week means the usual Friday Favorites. Linking up with Heather at Life in Leggings and Katie at Running4Cupcakes.

I was so thrilled to get an email this week being accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador through FitApproach. Being part of a like minded community is exactly what I have been looking for! I am excited to be a part of the #sweatpink team.

One of the places we visited in Portland was Departure Restaurant. Located at the top of a hotel, I loved the decor of maps on the walls with a travel theme. The husband and I both felt like it was a modern take on an airport feel.

The Panera app was the best thing added to my phone this week. It makes a lunch break so much easier when picking up food which definitely means I’ll be visiting even more. Like I needed a reason to go more than I already do?

10 Inspiring Travel Coffee Table Books” from World of Wanderlust

My baby girl has been so sweet since we came home. Sometimes I wonder if Emma thinks when we leave her that she is in trouble because she is on her best behavior when we come back. Although she loves spending time with her aunt, I appreciate her being loving  when we return. It’s a huge jump from the times she used to be pissed at me for coming back home.

Since Portland, my obsession with waterfalls is off the charts which is why I instantly forwarded this article to the husband this week: “Waterfalls in all 50 States.

Tell me: What are your favorites from the week? What are your plans for the weekend? 

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