Travel Thursday: Words to Describe Travel

Wanderlust is a word I have written about often on the blog. It is a word that truly describes my strong desire to travel. As I am constantly reading travel blogs and articles, I have come across words from different languages that describe travel in a better way than English words can do. Today, for Travel Thursday, I am sharing some great words that can be used to describe traveling and the feelings surrounding the life changing action.

5 Words to Describe Travel 



This might be my new favorite word. Fellow travelers will understand that the ache and desire for travel is a constant craving. Every single day I feel that desire to travel and either think about past places I have been, places I want to go or when I will be able to travel next.



Like I just mentioned, I live very much in the past. My thoughts long for past places we have been, people we have traveled with, beaches we have walked, food we have ate. It is very common for my husband and I to be somewhere and say “This reminds me of..” Nostalgia always stands for my first love, Paris and most recently for Greece.



Much like the excitement before a big race or leaving for a vacation, this is the reason I usually do not sleep well the night before. My excitement and anticipation take over and just want the day to be here already! When I know I have a trip coming up, this usually takes over weeks, sometimes months before.



Basically see ‘Saudade’



Some of the best traveling is done vaguely with no plan but to travel to a destination. While we have gone back and forth between scheduled and leisurely traveling, some of our best eexperiences have happened from traveling a new city with no specific place in mind. Aimlessly traveling can land you in a moment you will be so glad you have.

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Travel Thursday: Wineries in Napa, California

I shared a recap of my trip to Napa but by far my favorite part of the trip was visiting different wineries. I mentioned in the recap that the husband and I decided that Napa would be a regular trip for us. We absolutely loved the beautiful wine country. Plus, with the large amount of wineries, we could visit new ones each time and make it a unique trip each visit. Today I am sharing my rating and review of the wineries we went to in Napa. I understand that someone may read my review and not agree but this is a blog which means it is simply my opinion and experience of the wineries we visited. There are some people who love the wineries I didn’t and others who might not agree with my favorites. Almost every wine tasting I made sure to have a mix of red and white to have a fair comparison across the board.


Robert Mondavi Winery

Ambiance/ Estate: B
Wine: B

We did the wine tasting at Mondavi which was great but nothing spectacular. The grounds were simple and well kept. While it was a nice stop to enjoy on their open patio,  I wouldn’t need to visit again.

Grgich Hills Estate

Ambiance/ Estate: C
Wine: C-

Surprisingly when I got back to work, 2 of my co-workers talked about how this was one of their favorite wines! All four of us were very unimpressed with the wines and estate in general. We split a tasting and moved on fairly quickly from the estate.

Consentino Winery

Ambiance/ Estate: B
Wine: A

This winery was a stop we pulled into as we were planning to make our way back. The wine tasting room was small but the wine was spectacular. This was the first place we bought a bottle of wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)  and spent a decent amount of time talking to the sommelier about restaurants to try in the area.

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

Ambiance/ Estate: A+
Wine: A

Stag’s Leap was easily one of mine and the husband’s favorite spots of the weekend. While we were treated to an amazing fire and water tour on behalf of our friends, the estate was beautiful and the wine delicious. While we got an extra tour of the cellars and grounds, the grounds would still get an A in my book.

Domain Chandon

Ambiance/ Estate: A
Champagne: C+

Domain Chandon was a great start for the morning with champagne instead of wine. We did the tasting which had a few champagnes I really liked and others not at all. The grounds however were filled with greenery, a pond and beautiful flowers. We enjoyed some walking around to enjoy the well kept landscape.

Castello di Amorosa

Ambiance/ Estate: A-
Wine: A-

We were a little hesitant about the wine from other people’s reviews but we had to visit the castle at least once! Our trip ended up being very enjoyable. While the castle was crowded and a little overpriced just to visit, we loved the wine tasting. We got the wine tasting and even got two free tastings which resulted in us purchasing two bottles of a white and sparkling red.

Hall Winery

Ambiance/ Estate: A+
Wine: A+

The best of the best. My absolute favorite of the trip. There was unique art throughout the grounds and tasting room. The wine was spectacular with every tasting. We enjoyed a fun game of corn hole outside on the beautiful grounds. This is a winery you must visit!

V Sattui Winery

Ambiance/ Estate: B
Wine: B

We stopped at V Sattui for a picnic lunch. Although the grounds were fairly crowded, we made our way to the market to get a spread of bread, dips, cheeses and of course a bottle of wine. It is the more popular picnic spot with tables under shade next to the vineyards. If you are looking for a lunch spot, this is a great stop.

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Delos, Greece

While staying in Mykonos, we took a day trip to the island of Delos. When we started planning our trip, Delos was one of the spots I was most excited to visit. Our trip included not only an educational tour by an archeologist who showed us some of the “hot spots” of the island but an additional hour to explore the rest of the island and/or the Delos museum.


The beautiful island offers scenic views of the Aegean sea is a short boat ride from Mykonos Island. Delos is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Delos is one of the most historic spots in Greece. The history spans from the Greek mythology to the Byzantine era. The island is now an archeological site being restored and preserved by archeologists.

Some of my favorite historic landmarks on the island included:

  • The House of Dionysus– a high class 2nd century private house which had a mosaic floor of for the floor mosaic of the God of Wine riding a panther.
  • The Theatre – a marble theatre, much still intact, which hosted plays and musical acts.
  • The Terrace of Lions – the well known lions are dedicated to the God of Light and stood guard to Apollo’s Temple. Originally stood 12 lions where only seven of the lions remain now.
  • The Temple of Hera / Heraion Temple – temple of Hera, queen of the Greek Gods.


Note: When visiting, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as some of the spots (i.e. Heraion Temple) require walking on uneven terrain and can be on loose steps / stones. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat as the island offers little shade.

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Top 5 Places To Visit in Santorini, Greece

Our honeymoon in Greece started off on the island of Santorini. Short and simple – the husband and I both agree Santorini was the highlight of our trip as well as the best place we have both visited. The island is a blend of adventure, relaxing, flowing wine and delicious food. The flight from Athens to Santorini was extremely short (less than an hour) and the people on the island were extremely friendly. We stayed on Kamari / Black Beach, enjoying the calm beach and the boardwalk filled with shops and restaurants. Today I am sharing the Top 5 Places To Visit In Santorini, Greece which should show you that the island is a stop you must make when in Greece!

1. Santos Winery – Before visiting Santorini, we read a lot of recommendations to watch the sunset in Oia. However, when we arrived in Santorini, we were told by many locals that we should check out other spots for a better sunset. The top recommendation was at the Santos Winery. We arrived before sunset to enjoy a glass of wine and some appetizers (both delicious). The service was amazing and the views were incredible. Watching the sunset over Oia and the Nea Kameni volcano was one of the best moments of the trip. Of course pictures can never really capture the beauty of a sunset but I would highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

2. Nea Kameni volcano – I am so glad we went to the Santos Winery the night before we went on the Nea Kameni volcano tour. We took a quick boat ride over to the still-active volcanic island of Nea Kameni before exploring the island by ourselves. The island offered remarkable views of Fia and Oia with the green and blue ocean in the background. We were able to hike up to the top of the island and see the land formations that have been created over time. It was extremely warm as we hiked up to the top but it was worth the views. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because there were many loose rocks and uneven terrain.

3. Hot Springs – Located at Palia Kameni, off the side of the volcano island, you can access the hot springs which was like a large open spa in the middle of the ocean. Our guide advised the water along the coast has a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius and contains sulfur that is good for the skin. Unfortunately, since boats are not allowed on the coast, in order to swim up to the hot springs, we had to jump in very cold water. Since we had just hiked along the caldera, we were sweaty and warm so the water was refreshing. Floating throughout the water you can see pieces of sulphur that people were even putting on their faces! My skin did feel amazing after though.

4. Fira to Oia – One of the highlights of our time in Santorini was hiking from Fira to Oia. We started early in the morning in Fira to avoid the heat. As we hiked through homes and hotels along the coast, we got to enjoy some of the best views of the island, ocean and volcano. We passed two monasteries on our adventure and were able to enjoy spectacular views of Oia that you could not get anywhere else on the island. If you do make the hike, make sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and water because a long stretch of the hike is uncovered which can get pretty warm.

5. Kamari / Black Beach – The island of Santorini has many beaches but we spent a large portion of our time at the Black Beach. Most afternoons were spent sitting on the boardwalk, enjoying a glass of wine, the slow pace of the Greeks and the beautiful ocean view. Our hotel was right on the beach which made it even more convenient. The sand was exquisitely unique with blue, calm waters.

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Travel Thursday: Food, Food and More Food

Happy Thursday! It may be late but it’s still technically Thursday so a Travel Thursday post is still allowed. Traveling from New York to 2 Greek Islands, back to New York and Boston meant we got to experience a large amount of delicious, unique food. Food is equally as important as adventure when traveling. I strongly believe that the best food when traveling comes from asking the locals. Although we have used reviews online, we have stumbled across prime restaurants from asking people who live where we are. During our honeymoon we did exactly that and were not disappointed. I was planning to include food pics in each recap but hey what’s better than a post full of food pictures? I apologize in advance if this leaves you hungry. Let the #foodporn begin!


New York: I shared our memorable pizza from Brooklyn but we also made sure to have a slice of $1.25 greasy American pizza as well. They were both delicious, just different of course. I had two of my personal favorites in New York – Pret a Manger and Shake Shack!

Greece: The food and wine were the most amazing I might have ever had! The only rival would be Italy. Greece was filled with flavorful dishes unique to the country paired with the best wine I have ever had! I don’t think a day passed without a glass of wine. The gyros was to die for, I could not tell you how many times we enjoyed gyros with tzatziki. We also had gelato for dessert and pasta dishes galore. Even better was that unlike the USA, all restaurants are unique and mostly family owned.

Boston: Seafood galore! We had lobster rolls, white and red chowdah (because that’s how the cool people say it) and delicious drinks. Besides seafood, Little Venice had delicious options for Italian. We filled our bellies with pasta and of course, the famous Mike’s Pastry cannolis. My favorite treat however was the ice cream cookie sandwich from Cookie Monstah. The husband and I got the “Candy Shoppe” – M &M cookies with Milky Way ice cream and the “Salty Dog” – salted caramel cookies with totally turtle ice cream.

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Thinking Out Loud: Wayfarer

I realized that my post here is really two separate posts but being that it is Thursday, it is the perfect day to link up with Running With Spoons for some Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

Favorite Podcast Right Now

I stumbled across my latest obsession – The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. Why didn’t I stumble across this podcast just a few weeks earlier so I could have enjoyed during training. It will be perfect to catch up during the tons of flights we have during our honeymoon but I have a feeling I will binge listen to them all before that. I like this podcast so much because it feels like I am just listening to friends talk and I LOVE the topics they hit so far. When I was listening to my first podcast, they were answering a question about what to do when you feel uncertain about your future after college. They advised that of course, it is natural to feel undefined about your future. I loved that Lauren mentioned creating a list of ideas that do define you.

What Defines You?

When thinking about what I would put on my list, 3 broad categories immediately come to mind. I’m sure you can guess the first two – fitness and traveling. Another one that naturally follows with the group fitness is teaching. If I was to list out all of the things I am it would cover many areas – runner, instructor, traveler, cyclist, accountant, etc. We all are a lot of things that define us and its important to focus on what we are, rather than what we are not. During my regular internet browsing a few months ago, I stumbled across a word that is interchangeable for me with wanderluster.

Wayfarer Planks and Planes

“A wayfarer is someone who travels, especially on foot. The term entered English in the mid-1400’s as a combination of way meaning “a path or course leading from one place to another,” and fare, a verb meaning “to go; travel.” (Source)

For me, travel defines me. Travel makes me happy. Travel gives me experience. Travel is why I write this blog. Travel is indescribable. So basically, this will be my favorite word for awhile.

OC Half Marathon

I can’t believe the half marathon is in 3 days! RICE has been crucial in helping my knee. While it doesn’t feel perfect, it feels better than it did last week. I also learned that Rest is the hardest part for me. I wanted to do intense workouts. I wanted to participate in all of the classes I taught. Rest however is what is helping and what the next 3 days are about. Race pick up on Saturday will be a nice day to enjoy at the beach after the expo, before hitting the hay early with a 4am wake up call. The resting will definitely continue to the honeymoon where I will have almost 3 weeks to  give the knee rest from running and cycling.

Tell me: What would be on your list of things that define you?

Three Places to Go in New York… and 3 to Skip

When we took our trip last year to New York, our week was jam packed with activities. Our list was filled with the usual tourist spots as well as some of the less frequented places. Unfortunately the cold hindered us a bit in what we did but made a huge dent in our list of places to go and things to see. In one month, we are headed back to New York for two days before our Greece trip and returning back to the city for a few more days. We plan to fill our time visiting a few spots we did not make the first time around. We also have added a few new places and plan to explore more of Brooklyn this time around. Today for Travel Thursday, I wanted to share 3 Places To Go in New York and 3 Places To Skip.

3 Things to See in New York...3 Things to Skip in New York-2

3 Places To Go in New York

Radio City Hall Tour – Since we purchased a New York Pass, we were able to take tours at almost all of the major spots. We stopped at Radio City, located  on an early morning, looking for some relief from the 10 degree weather. The husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge of the guide who worked in the hall. We were taken backstage, enjoyed an interview with performers of the Rockettes and were even taken to the are where the audio set-up happens. We got to watch some of the rehearsal of their spring show with the Rockettes. It was a blast!

Museum of American Finance – We stopped at the Museum before our walking tour through the financial district. Being an economics major in college and having taken many money and banking classes, I was geeking out a little. The museum was informational and interactive. There were so many displays of old currencies, the explanation of how money is made and how the United States banking systems work. It was the perfect compliment to the Financial District Tour we took after. I would highly recommend visiting as it is a smaller museum  that is worth the time.

Highline – The Highline is one of the places I am most excited about visiting again. When we last saw it, it was covered in snow and about 10 degrees outside. Seeing it in the spring, being used for readers, art classes and musicians, I believe I will love it even more. The Highline is a converted railroad track that has utilized the growing vegetation into a park for residents. This aerial park runs through my favorite areas in New York, starting at the Meatpacking District, spanning through Chelsea. All I keep thinking about is grabbing a book and enjoying the spring weather this time around.

Highline Planks and Planes

3 Places To Skip in New York

Empire State Building – We visited on our last night in New York. While the ESB is iconic, the lines are terrible, it was crowded when we got to the top and in comparison, Top of The Rock was better. Of course, I had to go just once but if I returned I would visit the Top of the Rock over the ESB.

Guggenheim – Maybe the Guggenheim was worth skipping to me because there are so many other museums that are worth the time. The nearby Met, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the American Museum of Natural History. While the architecture of the museum is worth walking by, the museum is small and includes a walk through that requires you to circle upwards as you view the art.

Grand Central Station – My husband does not agree with me on this one and was surprised I am adding it. It was awesome to visit the inside of the iconic Grand Central but it was more to just to say I’ve been. We added the stop on the way to the NY Public Library in Bryant Park which made it more enjoyable. However, if you were looking for something to cut on a short trip to NY, this is one I would recommend.


Tell me: Have you traveled with a spouse, partner, friend or family member that liked a place you didn’t or vice versa?

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Travel Tips: Safety When Traveling

Before traveling, the excitement and plans of the upcoming trip are usually on the forefront of all thoughts. As I research, plan my outfits and packing, safety is usually the last thing I am thinking about. Last year, before our trip to Thailand, I was really worried about my safety abroad due to the increase in terrorist attacks. Sadly, since November, they have not stopped and continue to be a recurring news story. While traveling should not be consumed by these threats, it is always a good idea to keep yourself as safe as possible when you are traveling. Traveling is life changing as you are exposed to new food, culture, experiences and languages. However, travel can be life changing in a bad way, if you are not prepared and aware of what is going on around you. Today, I am going to share some tips on staying safe when traveling.

Travel Tips Part 1


Whether you are traveling in a well known tourist filled destination or an off the beaten path city, you must always be aware of what you are doing. It is easy to get into the moment of visiting a beautiful beach or finally seeing that Wonder of the World you have been waiting for. These are the times that people often get pick pocketed or are scammed out of money. The worst feeling is being in a situation you feel unsafe while in a foreign place, not knowing the language or having a device to get in contact with. Preparation is always key in traveling, especially when it comes to your safety.

  1. Make photo copies of all important documents (credit cards, passports, etc.) – You definitely do not want to be traveling and lose the documents you need to get home. Make sure to always make a copy of your documents and keep on hand. I usually make copies of all forms of ID and my credit cards to keep with me at all times while leaving the real documents in a safe.
  2. Notify your bank that you will be traveling – This allows for easier use as you travel from state to state or country to country as well as preventing credit card fraud.
  3. Leave valuables at home – I left my engagement ring at home when I traveled to Thailand. I did not bring jewelry and brought my cheap $5 Forever 21 glasses. When talking with the newlyweds we met in Thailand, they advise that they bought $10 fake rings for the trip. They left their real ones at home so they did not have to worry about losing their rings. If you would be upset if you lost it, do not risk by bringing it.
  4. When traveling internationally, notify the embassy of the place you are visiting – With the recent global terrorist alerts, you can be sure I let the embassy know when we were traveling to Thailand. An easy online process, STEP is a really great tool for notifications on alerts as well as getting information on the specific place you are traveling.
  5. Research local tourists scams and recent happenings – Know what you should be watching out for and what you should be sensitive towards. You can never know enough and being well informed is the key to traveling safely.
  6. Stay alert at all times, be aware of your exits and surroundings – Trust me, I know it is so easy to get caught up in the moment, taking in sights, snapping a picture or just relaxing on vacation. You should always stay alert when traveling. When you enter a venue, restaurant or attraction, look for your nearest exits, always be aware of what is going on around you and always (ALWAYS) leave if you do not feel safe.

At Home

While being safe while traveling is important, a lot of people forget about what they are leaving behind when they travel. Their home, family and belongings are being left for days, weeks, sometimes months which means it is the easiest target for burglars. In addition, you wouldn’t just get up and leave without a little preparation. You would ensure your house is locked, your alarm was on and if you have a pet, that they were being taken care of. When planning a trip, safety of your home should definitely be thought of during your planning.

  1. Leave a family member or friend your planned itinerary – When we traveled to Thailand, we made sure to leave our parents a detailed listing of when we would be arriving, traveling domestically and planning to leave. Good communication will help that someone knows where you should be at all times.
  2. Have a family member or friend check in at your house – We always have someone staying at our house when we are gone with the dog. If you do not have a pet that requires someone to stay at your place, ask a friend or family member to stop in.
                *Give the illusion that you are home if you cannot have someone check in – Doing things like setting up motion censored lights, leaving the windows open and/or having your newspaper or mail picked up will keep the illusion that your everyday activities are occurring.
  3. Safety proof your house – Just like you would take precautions to ensure your safety while traveling, ensure your house is set up safely before leaving. Make sure electronics are unplugged, all devices are off and set up an alarm system if you do not have one. Bringing your cellphone with you? Set up a device like Simplisafe which allows you to monitor your house from your phone.
                *Contact your alarm company to notify – Especially if you are not able to have someone stop in at your place, make sure you notify your
  4. Stop or forward your mail – It is extremely easy to stop your mail from being delivered while you are away. A simple setup online prevents your mail from being stolen and showing your house as an open target for theft.

Tell me: What are your tips to stay safe when traveling?

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Last Day in Phuket – Phi Phi Island

After our eventful day at James Bond Island, I thought this tour would seem too similar. Boy, was I wrong! Phi Phi Island was the best day of Phuket and was the only competition for my favorite day of the trip. Early in the morning, we took a bus to a boat landing where we were given information for the loading the speed boat as well as the schedule for the day. We hoped on the speed boat and took off. Thank goodness for Dramamine because the boat ride was bumpy and fast! After a 30 min ride, we stopped at our first spot, in front of Phi Phi island to snorkel!

Phi Phi Island

In the middle of the perfectly clear water, we hopped off the back of the boat looking for fish which were everywhere. The clearness of the water was shocking. We could see fish of all colors as we swam along. By the time we had to load back on the boat, we were excited for our next stop – Phi Phi Island. Quick side note, the main reason I wanted to go to Thailand before we booked our trip was for Phi Phi Island. I love beaches and have read that the colors of the ocean are indescribable. So if you are thinking of going, I have to say, you will not be disappointed!



We made it to Ko Phi Phi Island in less than 20 minutes where there were pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise water. It took everything in me not to jump off and run to the beach! No wonder they made the movie, “The Beach” here! This truly was indescribable. Pictures do no justice to the colors and beauty. Located in between two enormous limestone cliffs, it feels like a private beach. On the side the boat landed, the water was a clear green color whereas the other side boasted blue water. Once we embarked, we walked from one side of the island to the other. The short walk through trees and shade landed us on the “blue side” which was astounding! I have never seen water so clear. The water was surrounded by more limestone cliffs and made for perfect pictures. Since the blue side is on a small platform that gets crowded easily, we walked back to the green side to get in the water. The sand was smooth, the water warm and the surroundings incredible. There were schools of fish that you could see swimming alongside. Hands down, the best beach I have ever been to!




En route to our lunch spot, we stopped at Maya Bay, Monkey Beach,  and Viking Cave.We enjoyed a lunch on the beach that was included in our tour group. I cannot speak to the lunch because I skipped due to not feeling well the day before but the views were amazing. The island was enjoyable to relax on and extremely lively.



After lunch, we boarded the boat back to enjoying our last snorkeling spot. The boat stopped at Loh Samah Bay with again clear waters that made it hard to tell how far you were from the bottom. There were so many fish to see and by this time, the husband and I deemed the $3 bucks we spent on the waterproof case, the best money we spent all day! We got back on the boat, exhausted (partly from all the salt water I inhaled) but happy. As the boat took off, our guide walked around with fresh pineapple and drinks. It was so refreshing!





Our last stop was spent at Khai Island which was our least favorite stop. From the moment we stepped off the boat, we were bombarded asking and buy drinks. The spot was a tourist trap but we made the best of it, soaking up the sand and more views of the ocean! What better way to avoid them bugging you than by taking a nap on the beach!



We were thrilled to find out that we could buy a DVD with pictures and video from our trip. We purchased the DVD so we got even better pictures of us snorkeling and enjoying the island. Overall, it was the best way we could spend our last full day in Phuket.

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Travel Tips: Part V – More Travel Websites

Last year I wrote the “Travel Tips” series which included 5 of my most used websites when booking travel. Over the past few months, I have noticed a few more travel websites making their way into my weekly rotation. Yes, weekly. What can I say, if I’m not planning a vacation, I am looking for the next one. Much to my husband’s dismay, these often happen at the same time. Since planning any trip is all about the research, it is necessary to have an arsenal of go-to websites when you are ready to book. Here are some of my favorite travel planning websites:

Travel Tips Part 1

Costco Travel – I mentioned using Costco Travel during our Greece research in a Friday Favorites. I think Costco is one of the last places people would think of when booking travel. However, they offer competitive, inclusive packages that rival most vacation packages. In addition, they offer cruise and theme park packages. Especially if your travel plans are open, this is a great option. They will present packages to your desired destination that allows you to customize the days spent in each city.

TripDelta – Plain and simple, this is one of the two flight searches we always check when booking airfare. TripDelta compares hundred of companies to show you all the possibilities. As we have been booking our honeymoon, I would usually be on Skyscanner and the husband would search using TripDelta. TripDelta boasts a wide range of results in an extremely quick manner.

TripAdvisor – Another site I have mentioned before, it is a go to when we have set a destination and start planning what we want to do. My favorite, most used feature on the site is the “Things To Do” which gives you the top voted things to do in any city. We have stumbled upon some amazing museums, parks and activities we would have otherwise never visited. You can book tours directly on the site through one of the other sites I shared before – TripAdvisor also has hotel, flight and restaurant searches as well as forums for fellow travelers to discuss their own findings.

AirFareWatchdog – For flight searches, this is the best site to have them do the work for you. Not only do you have an extensive flight search, you can also set up notifications for a specific destination you are planning to visit. They will send you an email when the price has changed for that destination. I used this for my Europe trip when booking. I waited a few weeks until AirFareWatchdog told me the price dropped and then I jumped on the lower cost.

Tell me: What websites or companies do you use for booking travel?

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