Weekly Workouts: Revel & OC Half Training


Happy Monday! This weekend was a nice weekend filled with some family traditions and plenty of working out. On Saturday, I taught cycle class before heading to the pumpkin patch with the husband, my mom and sister. We have a yearly tradition to visit a local pumpkin patch as well as go apple picking so we got both done in one day.

The weather was absolutely perfect with clear skies and warm weather. Although I would prefer to be wearing flannels and boots while doing fall activities, the warm Cali weather is a good second choice. The husband and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Brio (their grilled salmon is to die for) to finish off our Saturday. My Sunday started nice and early teaching 4 classes at Orangetheory. The rest of the day was low key with relaxing, packing and napping.


This upcoming week is going to be a rough one of workouts. It is Hell Week at Orangetheory this week. I got a glimpse into the workouts of the week and needless to say, it will be a week of intense workouts. This past week, my running really got skipped over. This next week, even with Hell Week workouts, I need to ensure I get plenty of mileage in with Run Revel only 2 weeks away.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 1 hour cycle class followed by arm workout

Wednesday – Orangetheory class

Thursday – Shoulder and back workout, 20 min elliptical workout

FridayAb workout, 3 mile run

Saturday – 1 hour cycle class

Sunday – Rest Day

Tell me: Have you been to a pumpkin patch or apple picking this year?

A Runner’s Nightmare: Injury

As I’ve been getting more and more excited for the OC Half Marathon, I’ve really been hitting my stride in my work. Then two weeks before the race, the thing that all runner’s dread… an injury.

I taught my usual cycle class on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day doing errands and relaxing. On Saturday night, we started out on a sunset run but a few miles in, I felt that pull in my knee that made me worry. I was so worried, I stopped and stretched my legs out. I knew better than to keep pushing it so I slowed my pace down significantly as well as stopping to stretch every half mile. When I finished, I felt better and chalked it up to the double workout. When I got home, I iced my knee, threw on the compression socks and rolled it out before bed.


When I woke up on Sunday morning, I woke up to the runner’s nightmare, despite being awake. My knee seemed to be more than just sore muscles but an injury. I taught cycle class at an easier pace than usual and made sure to stretch that night but the pain kept coming back. After googling my symptoms like crazy, I am fairly certain the problem is my IT band. Thank goodness, the middle of this week was supposed to start tapering off my mileage. I will just have to take it easier than planned. I think as an athlete and runner, it is hard to accept an injury. Even harder is having to actually rest in the RICE method. Icing, compression and elevation is easy but the R should stand for rough because resting is the hardest part. I know that in the long run, this is necessary and prevents the injury from getting even worse. Looks like a lot of yoga and swimming will be filling my next two weeks.

Weekly Workouts: Half Training

Before the injury, my workouts were filled with the start of reducing my mileage, increasing strength training and rest. Although next’s week workouts will look a lot different, this is a great lead up to the half marathon and I am happy with the training I did leading up to the race.


Thursday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 30 mins elliptical & arm/ab workout

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 1 hour cycle class in the morning, 6 miles

Sunday – 1 hour cycle class & leg workout

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 1 hour cycle class

Here’s to an easy rest week before the half marathon! 

Weekly Workouts & Running Updates

A little late on a Wednesday but still a Wednesday nonetheless! I am getting more and more excited about the OC Marathon coming up in a few weeks. Running has continued to be a huge stress release during the week and something I crave throughout a rough day. The two things that are really helping with my running – I finally found my Garmin and I got new Asics!


I shared on Instagram, that I got a new pair of GT2000 Asics a few weeks ago. After a couple of runs, I am so happy with these shoes. They feel great and haven’t given me a single problem (knock on wood because I do not need any issues). Funny thing about these shoes, I would not have been caught dead in them a few years back. For some reason, I have never liked extremely bright shoes. I have always preferred grey, black or white with a very small hint of color. I have noticed slowly my eyes getting just a little bit more color with each purchase. This time I just went for it. I saw these shoes, loved the mint and went they fit perfectly, I just had to have them!


Another great find – my Garmin. That poor watch has been sitting in a box being unused. I am so happy to have finally found my beloved Garmin 220. I had misplaced it when moving and found it about two months ago. However, somehow the charger ended up in a completely different place. The worst part, I discovered it two months after the fact, in a box I walk by 10x a day. Go figure! I am just glad I have in while training and will be thrilled to have it during my race.

Weekly Workouts: Half Training


My half training this week was exactly as I wanted (and needed) it to be. With only Less than a month until the OC Half Marathon and let me tell you, I am super excited. While my mileage is about a week behind schedule, my pace on every run has been above par. So I am hoping the two even each other come May 1st. Per the usual, my strength training and cross training were consistent this week.

Wednesday – 1 hour cycle class

Thursday – 5 miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 1 hour cycle class followed by 2 miles run

Sunday – 1 hour cycle class and leg workout

Monday –  Two 1 hour cycle classes

Tuesday –  1 hour cycle class and 1 mile run

Wednesday –  5 miles

Check back tomorrow for a Travel Thursday post! 

Running as Therapy & Training

How did the weekend come and go so quickly? I feel like it was just Friday afternoon and here it is Monday again! Luckily my weekend was a great one and this week is a short week at work. Last week’s training was an extremely productive one. I had two great runs where I was able to run my stress away. I went to the best yoga class I have ever been to on Thursday. The class offered enough modifications as well as additions to fit all levels. I loved the pace of the class and all of the poses. I left the class on an endorphin high. Overall, I was extremely proud of myself for really kicking it up and for relying on exercise to get me through the week, not food.

I mentioned last week that work has been stressful and I’ve definitely had a full plate the past few weeks. All too often, when a week is stressful, I turn to food (and my stomach loves to convince my head that ice cream will help). I have been working to think about my feelings rather than trying to soothe them with tasty desserts. While in the moment, it seems like a good idea, it never makes me feel better and I’m left with nothing but regret. This week running has been my therapy instead of food. I have found that after every run, I feel less stressed and filled with more energy. What better time to work on new habits than the first day of spring?


My half training this week was exactly as I wanted (and needed) it to be. With only 6 weeks left until the OC Half Marathon, I need to ensure my training miles increase this week as they are supposed to. Otherwise, just continuing with a mix of running, strength training and rest.

Sunday – 1 hour cycle class and free weight arm workout

Monday –  4 miles

Tuesday –  1 hour cycle class followed by a mini bootcamp session (3 rounds of sprints, push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and lunges)

Wednesday –  5 miles

Thursday – 1 hour yoga class

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 1 hour cycle class followed by 2 miles

Sunday – 1 hour cycle class and 15 min leg workout

Tell me: What do you turn to when you are stressed out? What do you find the most effective?

Week 1: OC Half Training

Let me tell you, for the past week I had, I am patting myself on the back for working out and meeting my step goal all but one day! I had to push my half training out a week due to the upcoming crazy weekend.  Before we get to the workouts though, a little rewind to the long (and much needed) President’s Day weekend.  This weekend was all about finishing the final wedding details. Don’t even get me started about my feelings on everything that goes into the details of a wedding. That is a different topic for a different day. On Friday night, we went over our best friend’s house after a very hectic day at work. Luckily, there was a cute baby to hold so all the stress of the week was forgotten for a bit. My night involved an unscheduled rest day with In-N-Out (hey at least I skipped the fries) but at that point I did not care.



Saturday was a much different story. By 10am, I had taught a class, got a workout in, stopped at Starbucks and the bank. I love my weekend classes for this reason, they force me to not be a sloth all the time. From the moment I returned home, we cleaned, organized, planned, packed and ran more errands, all for the wedding. This week I am only working three days as we will be driving out to Malibu on Friday. Therefore, I knew I had to stay on top of everything I needed to accomplish. I worked on our map seating chart which I will be sure to share after the wedding for my fellow travel lovers. We did enjoy a nice BBQ at night with my parents. brother and future SIL.  Sunday was a repeat of Saturday with another cycle class and more preparations for the wedding. Our night ended on a nice note because we got to watch Deadpool. Although I did not like waiting in line (face palm for thinking Valentine’s Day night was a good idea) the movie was very funny and entertaining. I would highly recommend it!


FullSizeRender (1)


We finished our long weekend, down by the beach in Malibu. We had our last venue meeting which is 10 miles north of Pacific Coast Highway. After our meeting, we drove down to PCH which was insanely crowded. It took forever to get to find parking, let alone a restaurant. I guess everyone else had the idea to enjoy the unusually warm weather we have been having in California. We finally made it to a restaurant and enjoyed a delicious, ocean view ‘linner’ at Duke’s before we relaxed on the beach. The traffic heading home was bumper to bumper, we called it a night when we got home, exhausted and tired.


It has been quite awhile since I did a Weekly Workouts post but with my half training in full progress, they will be making a comeback. As seen above, my major fail this week was my Friday.  otherwise, I was happy with the workouts I squeezed in. My mileage is increasing just a bit this week but I know for a fact I will need to switch my Friday REST day with Saturday. I will not be running at all on my wedding day, unless running around like a chicken with no head counts? Here are my workouts (on the schedule vs actual) from the past week.


On the Schedule: Strength/ Cross- Training
Actual Workout: 1 hour cycle class and free weight arm workout


On the Schedule: 2-3 miles (easy)
Actual Workout: 3 miles, untimed


On the Schedule: Cycle & Strength Training
Actual Workout:  1 hour cycle class followed by a mini bootcamp session (2 rounds of sprints, burpees, wall squats, bicycle crunches and lunges)


On the Schedule: 3 miles (easy)
Actual Workout: 3 miles, untimed


On the Schedule: Rest
Actual Workout: Rest


On the Schedule: 3 miles
Actual Workout: REST (oops, with In-N-Out)


On the Schedule: 2-3 miles
Actual Workout: 1 hour cycle class followed by 2 miles


On the Schedule: Strength/ Cross- Training
Actual Workout: 1 hour cycle class and free weight arm workout


Tell me: What do you do for your President’s Day weekend? 

Running and I Got Back Together..

The weekend seriously snuck up on me. Last week was busy with the new job but this weekend I was able to catch up on lots of errands as well as prepare for our trip this weekend. This weekend consisted of the usual-  lots of food, a movie (do not be disturbed unless you want to be disturbed) and cycling. It is less than a week until my 27th birthday and Portland, Oregon. This week will be the usual cycle classes as well as making sure that I have all ends tied up before we fly out on Friday!


Running and I Got Back Together…

Actually, it is more like jogging and I got back together but it is a step in the right direction for our relationship. As I mentioned last week, when trying Orangetheory, I ran on the treadmill for the first time since my last half marathon. It has been 3 months since I took a break and I definitely missed running. With all of the steps I have taken for my back from physical therapy to acupuncture, my back has improved significantly. This past week alone I have been thinking about when is the right time to start thinking about my next race. Here’s to finally crossing off the marathon off my list!

Weekly Workout Recap 

My workouts this week just plain sucked. I am still struggling to get in a groove. However, I did a much better job limiting my rest days. Hopefully this week I can continue a routine of cardio and strength training. The weekend will be filled with many hikes so I plan to make sure I get enough days working out and resting.

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class and a one-hour Bootcamp class;

Wednesday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – 20 min elliptical workout and arm workout

Saturday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Sunday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class, 15 min arm workout

Tell me: What is the last movie you saw? Any good eats from this weekend?

Lots of Cycle and Food

I spent a much larger portion of my weekend on the bike than usual! Between my normal classes and a 4 hour certification, I am ready for my Bootcamp class on Tuesday where I get a break from cycle. Let’s back up a little though, starting with Friday. I came home to be told by the husband that Emma got into the trash and ate two halves of watermelon. A part of me was a proud mother that the love of watermelon runs deep. The other half knew I had to throw her in the tub and give her a bath. This pink face was after her dad has cleaned off her face.

Emma Weekend Recap


After her bath, we grabbed dinner and dessert before calling it a night in front of the TV and computer. Saturday morning started with class before I headed to my certification. I was most happy that the LA Fitness I would be taking the certification at would be next to a Whole Foods. I LOVE Whole Foods but am glad that I do not live near one as my grocery bill would easily be double what it is now. After 4 hours of being on the bike (thank goodness it was not longer as my butt was getting pretty sore), I was starving so I headed to Whole Foods. I picked up a make-your-own sandwich which is one of my favorites! I was a happy girl driving home which was needed since I sat in an hour and a half of traffic. Since the husband was gone for the night, I made the most of my time by reading, scrapbooking my New Orleans trip and doing some more behind the scenes website work.

Weekend Recap Friday night      Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Cycle certification      Weekend Recap Whole Foods

Sunday was a relaxing and easy day. After I knocked out my workout early in the morning, I did some errands before heading home. Cleaning, more computer work and scrapbooking happened before I met the husband and his friends for lunch at Slater’s 50/50. Although I do not eat red meat, I have been very impressed with this place the few times I have been. Seriously, the burgers are HUGE and delicious since you get to design (and name) your burger. I did a turkey burger with creamy pesto, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, fried mozzarella (to die for), avocado and baby greens. Fairly healthy until I added the cheese but I could not pass it up! After sleeping off the food coma, the evening was capped off by some time by the pool (as seen on Instagram) and in front of the TV.

Slaters 50 50

Let’s talk about the way I burn all the calories I eat.. weekly workout recap! This week definitely had it’s highs and lows. The best part of my workouts was that I started Triathlon training. The worst part, one too many rest days. The week was a typical week so my workouts got a bit messed up. This coming week the focus will be keeping it at two rest days and mixing up the workouts. My plan is to try and finally get to a pure barre class!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Started Triathlon training – 20 minute elliptical, 10 min cycle, ab workout & 20 min swimming

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Bootcamp class; REST

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – One-hour Cycle class

Friday – REST

Saturday – Three one-hour Cycle class

Sunday – One hour Cycle class, arm workout


I will be back tomorrow to share the cycle certification I finished yesterday comparing to the first one I completed to become an instructor.

Tell me: What would your perfect burger consist of?


Sometimes You Just Need A Day Off…

…so a day off is just what I took and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I mentioned on Friday, after subbing a lot of classes last week, I was able to get Sunday off of teaching. Therefore, I made sure to utilize every second of my weekend which started on Friday night with a delicious dinner with the hubby’s family. Saturday morning kicked off with teaching a class followed by cleaning up before we hit up Chipotle for lunch and the movies to see Ant Man. I absolutely loved the movie. Although I am usually not into action or super hero flicks, this movie was extremely entertaining. The rest of the night was spent relaxing, taking a nap and working on the computer.

Weekend Recap 2

I was most excited to have Sunday off of teaching to be able to sleep in, which I most absolutely did. The husband and I spent some time at Barnes and Noble finding some new books to add to the library. Taking one of the books I bought, Starbucks was our next stop to enjoy some coffee while reading. After a delicious pesto and broccoli pizza for lunch (gotta love Trader Joe’s) and a nap, we planned to get a workout in.

Weekend Recap 4   Weekend Recap 6

We decided to go to Pedal Spin for a killer class. I left with a raging appetite so we capped the night off with sushi and True Detective. This weekend was exactly what I needed with the past week of subbing extra Cycle classes and the next upcoming week of work.

Weekend Recap 5     Weekend Recap

Although I am not posting my weekly workout recap this week (almost the exact same as the last two weeks), I taught a class without participating on Tuesday and had a full rest day on Friday. My rest days have become an important part of my weekly routine. A couple years ago, one of the things I struggled with most during workouts was taking rest days. I was too consumed with staying at a certain weight and keeping my workout regime. However, I often would ended up injured resulting in needing to take day or weeks off. The worst was when I needed surgery due to too many ab exercises (yep it can actually happen) that resulted in more than a month off of working out.

In the end not taking one day off resulted in taking much more. As my goal has changed to maintaining my health and fitness, I have learned that rest days are an important part of my health. Sometimes you do just need a rest day. Rest days are necessary to allow your muscles to rebuild and allow your body to recover. Make sure that your workouts incorporate rest days which will only help your fitness improve in the long run.

Tell me: How often do you take a rest day? What is the last movie you saw in theaters?

Another Weekend of Fun & Workouts

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Friday night was a relaxing evening in. I finally got what I have been longing for which was a completely low-key evening. Thursday night concluded my 10th class in 8 days. I rested by enjoying a movie night on the couch which was the perfect start to the weekend.

After I taught my cycle class on Saturday, my husband and I drove out to Malibu where we enjoyed a delicious meal at Malibu Cafe. As posted on Instagram, we started with fried mac-n-cheese balls. I had their Huckleberry Lemonade with a grilled chicken salad for my entree. While the food was amazing, the atmosphere was even better. The cafe has games on the lawn (next to a small lake) including Jenga and ping pong.

Weekend Recap Malibu Cafe 2    Weekend Recap Malibu Cafe 3

After our picturesque lunch, we headed to Escondido Falls right off Pacific Coast Highway. The first mile into the hike is through residential mansions until you hit the start of the trail. You can see the beach off the trail before you headed into the woods for a 4 mile round trip hike. The hike was fairly shaded leading to a waterfall that was surprisingly green for the drought California is in. We were able to enjoy the beautiful blue skies and cloud free day.

Weekend Recap Escondido Falls 2   Weekend Recap Escondido Falls 3 Weekend Recap Escondido Falls 4   Weekend Recap Escondido Falls

After dealing with the horrible California traffic, we made our way to Mother Moo’s Creamery. I love their organic dairy free ice cream including one of my favorite flavors- salted butterscotch. A creamy ice cream was the perfect way to end the day. We sat outside soaking up the weather before we finally headed home to call it a night.

Weekend Recap Mother Moos 2

Sunday started with another cycle class before we spent our day doing errands like grocery shopping and cleaning. Although a bit more mellow weekend than most, it was exactly what I wanted. It was another weekend filled with just enough relaxing, good food, wonderful company and workouts. With that, lets recap this week’s workouts. Although it was another very heavy cardio week, I was subbing many classes this week which led to more cycle classes than I usually do in a week. Luckily, this week is back to my regular schedule which will allow me more personal workouts.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Taught two one-hour Cycle classes

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Bootcamp class; Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Wednesday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class, Strength Training Arm session

Thursday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class, 4 mile hike

Sunday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class, Strength Training Arm session

Tell me: Where is your favorite spot to hike? Do you prefer the beach or the desert?

Fun Family Weekend & Weekly Workouts

My weekend was filled with family, food, fun and fitness- just how I like it! The weekend started off on Friday night with my first acupuncture and chiropractic appointment for my back. I have two more sessions this week so I will be updating more next week. After the appointment, the husband and I grabbed sushi at a revolving sushi bar before we headed to the movies. We saw Spy which I absolutely loved! Add in the fact that I was actually able to avoid eating buckets of popcorn and I left the theaters a very happy girl.

Saturday morning kicked off early with another wonderful cycle class. I never thought I would say this but I look forward to waking up early Saturday mornings for my class. The women make the class so much fun that I look forward to getting in the gym early to knock my workout out. After class, I met my sister and her kids at the mall to grab lunch and get our makeup done for our concert that night. I was so happy I got to see my sister, niece and nephew as I only had to wait 4 days from the last time I saw them.

As I mentioned on Friday, my sister and I had tickets to see Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt in concert. Not only did we have pit tickets with VIP passes but we had won a meet and greet with Lady Antebellum. In addition, my sister applied for a contest to be filmed as a “super fan” during the concert. When she found out they had picked her, we were ecstatic because we have been Lady A fans since day one. When we got to the concert, we were mic’d up and followed around by cameramen to the VIP tent where there was some of the best food I have ever had (I am still dreaming of the toffee cookies). Lady A and Hunter Hayes did an acoustic set with a Q&A before we were taken backstage for the meet and greet. The whole experience was so amazing and unique however you will not be seeing me on reality TV anytime in the near future. Being followed  by a camera did not feel natural at all so thank goodness we loved hanging out with our camera crew.

IMG_7105       IMG_7103

After the meet and greet, we made our way to the pit for the concert. I have been to many concerts but this was by far the best one. Both opening acts were energetic and fun. Hunter Hayes blew me away with his flawless performance and guitar skills. Lady Antebellum just killed their performance from start to finish. My favorite part of the concert? Lady A, Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes singing “Walk This Way.” Their voices went so well together and got the crowd on their feet. Being in the pit, directly in front of the stage, we had the best view and I got to touch every one of the singer’s hands (which made the hours of standing all worth it)! The concert ended around 11pm and we finished our final interview about our experience. I got home at 1:30am (which is getting way harder in my late 20s) on a happiness high from the concert.


After teaching Sunday morning (5 hours of horrible sleep was pretty brutal) I came home, showered and changed to meet up with my sister and the kids to see Inside Out. It was the best kids movie I have seen Frozen! After the movie, we said goodbye to my sister and the kids before we headed to my old apartment to do one last storage trip before I turn in the keys! After getting home and loving on Emma (because I have to do that every time I come home), I showered for dinner. We finished the night off with a delicious dinner at Paul Martin’s with the husband’s cousin. We shared a spinach dip appetizer and I had the salmon salad. We left the restaurant extremely full and not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

IMG_9418  IMG_9423

All in all, although very busy, this was one of the best weekends! I could not ask for more. However, on the same note if there is one thing I could wish for, it would be to have a no plan weekend. The last few weekends have been very action packed, while in general our weekends have busy since New York in February. With the holiday this weekend I am actually really hoping for at least one day where I can be as lazy as humanly possible. We will see if that actually happens as I say that every weekend but it never happens.

Weekly Workouts

My workouts pretty much looked the same as last week but I definitely improved my strength training like I wanted. I still have room for improvement and need to mix up my workouts more. My goal is to get a least two strength training sessions this week as well as one yoga class.

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Bootcamp class; Rest Day

Wednesday – 20 min cardio, 30 min arm workout

Thursday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class

Sunday – Taught a one-hour Cycle class, 15 min arm workout

Tell me: Have you seen any good movies lately?